What to Look for in a Employee-Friendly Workplace

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Perhaps, a lot of people would think of an ideal workplace as some place beyond the conventional office environment where everyone will be sitting on a chair inside an isolated cubicle. For sure, many graduates would think that an ideal workplace will be a company where employees are conducting a regular drug and alcohol testing, has an open lounge while having a planning discussion, or where a billiard hall is just a few steps away from their desks.

Qualities of an Ideal Workplace

Aside from regular workplace risk assessment activities, an ideal workplace must be built by the effort of both the employers and employees, armed by the supervisors and department heads. Continue to read and learn what you must expect from your ideal workplace.

  • Clear mission and vision

It’s critical to consider your vision and record it. Recognise what your organization stands for, where you need to take it, and why you are doing your work on a daily basis. Your main goal should serve as your compass. In the event that you are accomplishing something that does not convey it, try not to do it.

Maintaining a culture which provides safety and protection to workers must also be one of the missions of your company. Conducting a workplace hazard assessment or a drug and alcohol testing must be part of the annual activities of the company to maintain the integrity of its brand. For more information about workers’ health assessment and risk reduction, visit Resile.

  • Transparent communication

Second thing is that your company must provide opportunities for transparent communication between the management and the employees. An ideal workplace provides both encouraging and constructive feedback, as well as hear the side of the employees regarding the challenges and areas of improvement. Click here Resile

  • Opportunities for growth and development

Productivity is part of any industry because it’s part of human growth. People, especially those working in a competitive environment, are motivated to grow and be challenged. An ideal company provide training and promotion opportunities to its workers.

  • Competitive salaries, benefits, and promotions

Salaries, bonuses, and promotions are the primary motivators of almost all employees. If you are looking for your ideal company, you are expecting of these factors. According to one of the biggest job recruiting sites, Glassdoor, employees with no time for families because of spending too much time in the workplace get negative reactions. It’s a domino effect, people work more than what is required to get extras. A good employer considers giving extras aside from the basic pay. read more

Creative direct mail marketing ideas you should try

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In an age where most marketing materials are digitized, direct mail marketing might seem like an afterthought. However, when done right, your business can still benefit from creative direct mail marketing ideas. There are several advantages in offline marketing that online marketing doesn’t have. So, don’t dismiss those brochures, catalogs, postcards, and letters yet. Direct mail marketing is still effective, and here’s why:

Advantages of direct mail marketing

1. Convenient

Receiving promotional materials through mail is still much more convenient for some of your customers. It doesn’t require the internet or an electronic device to get one. They can simply open their mail and easily read these materials. A study conducted by the Canada Post Corporation shows that direct mail requires less cognitive effort to process than an email.

2. Memorable

When your inbox is full of emails from different brand promotions, it’s easier to leave them unread. Some emails even go directly to the spam folder unless you take the time to check them. However, with direct mail, your promotional materials are more memorable, especially if it triggers more than the sense of touch. It’s easier to remember an ad that you physically held and read than something you just happened to scroll over. For effective ideas to do this, you can check here.

3. More response rate

Direct mails also elicit more responses than emails. If your promotional material invokes curiosity, grabs attention, or encourages interaction, it’s more likely to be effective. In fact, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found out that direct mail marketing has a 4.4% response rate, whereas email marketing only garnered 0.12%.

5 creative direct marketing ideas

Use 3D design

Who says that you have to send a letter or a postcard all the time? Once in a while, give your customer a promotional material using a 3-dimensional design. A box in a unique shape will most likely pique their attention and receive a response.

Personalize it read more

3 easy printer care tips: Save more money…

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A leading printer repair Sydney company has shared that a lot of people, especially those working in offices, came to them because of a jammed or messed up printer.

Then, they revealed that most printer problems should not happen in the first place if only people know how to take care of their printers, especially if the printer is a common one that is being used by multiple people daily.

This content shares valuable tips on taking care of a printer to maintain its quality performance and to avoid hefty fees once the printer gets damaged, especially if it is beyond repair.

Did you know that printers can last from 3 to 5 years? Some even longer if they are properly cared for. Imagine how much money you can save in the long run if you don’t have to buy a new printer every year or two.

So, here are the top 3 printer care tips that a reliable printer repair Sydney has generously shared:

  1. Ensure to clean your print head at least once a month
  2. Don’t forget to regularly clean the insides of your printer
  3. Always check the hood of the printer

Of course, cleaning is a general rule that goes for everything, especially machines such as printers. However, not everyone does it religiously and not everyone knows HOW to do it properly – cleaning a printer in the wrong way can do more damage than good.

So, make sure to keep your printer manual and cleaning guide handy all the time.

Clean your printhead at least once a month

Cleaning your print head at least once a month is essential… and when cleaning the print head, ensure to take the cartridge off and wipe the head with warm water using a clean cloth. Never use alcohol or wet tissues.

Then, make sure that the print head is completely dry before placing it back to the machine.

Now, if you are in Sydney or any other parts of Australia, and you’re stuck with a printer that badly needs some cleaning or repairing, the Global Office Machines (GOM) offers onsite and emergency repairs. Find more info on their website. See here at Gom

Clean the insides of your printer regularly

Most people often wait until grime and dust gather inside their printers before doing some cleaning. This results in inefficient printer operation. read more