Multimedia gadgets: The creative professionals’ armor

Bobby Martin | August 21, 2019 | 0 | Computers & Electronics

Multimedia gadget brands such as Lumantek, Angelbird, and Boxcast have been relentlessly polishing their product lines. The reason is that creatives’ needs are continuously evolving—and so do their roadblocks.

As a creative, you might be facing different hurdles such as bad clients or creative blocks. While those are inevitable, you can rely on your armor—your gadgets.

The roadblocks that the right gadget can overcome

1. Lack of confidence

Creativity is the ability to create despite having limited resources; however, if you’re a beginner, it’s hard not to want a crutch. This is typical. Besides, who wants to feel limited by their gadget?

For instance, if you need to stream the live event on a giant monitor, you would want the output to be as sharp as possible, right?

Having a dependable professional video switcher, you will feel more confident about directing the event. With this switcher on your side during events, you’ll eventually establish yourself as a professional—an expert who can produce high-quality output for any event’s attendees.

If you want to check out sick video switchers and live titlers, check these ones by Lumantek here:

2. Loss or misplace of data

Another roadblock for today’s professionals is losing important data. This is a common fear among most creatives—putting in their effort, time, tears, and blood—only for their output to vanish in thin air. See here at 3D HD Gear

How do you even explain delays to an already agitated client?

For example, you’re a commercial director who’s filming a scene in a tight, crowded market area. Your crew had two extra memory cards; however, you’ve used up both of their storage spaces. And you still have three scenes left to film.

The problem is that your deadline is in a few days. Going back to this location just to film those scenes will be another expense at your end.

What a dilemma, right? That is why you have to invest in the right storage devices. You want the big boys who can handle loads of data.

If you need SSD drives who can carry huge amounts of data, the ones by Angelbird is available here:

3. Enduring unforeseen demands of projects

Closing deals with clients are one of the best feelings. However, along with this joy is the fear of not enduring unforeseen demands.

Say, you’re an event producer who needs to live stream a three-day event. Even if you’ve been in the industry for a while, you still might face unforeseen challenges.

What if your live streaming platform acts up days before your event? What if it forces you to pay for extra cash, just so you can continue streaming on their platform? In this type of situation, you’ll need more than gadgets—you will need a secure service plan.

Boxcast, for instance, provides you with a 1-year, unlimited live streaming through their platform. They will also give you a super flexible encoder. They will even archive your event for you! Check their plans here:

The genius of multimedia gadgets

The genius behind multimedia gadgets lies in its dual purpose. Gadgets make the creating experience worthwhile for the creatives. At the same time, they make an impact on the audiences’ experience by allowing creatives to produce incredible output.

Want to jumpstart your multimedia production career? As early as now, you might want to invest in the well-crafted gadgets by Lumantek, Angelbird, and Boxcast. Get them all at the premium gadget supplier, 3dhdgear.

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