What to Look for in a Employee-Friendly Workplace

Bobby Martin | July 31, 2019 | 0 | Business Services

Perhaps, a lot of people would think of an ideal workplace as some place beyond the conventional office environment where everyone will be sitting on a chair inside an isolated cubicle. For sure, many graduates would think that an ideal workplace will be a company where employees are conducting a regular drug and alcohol testing, has an open lounge while having a planning discussion, or where a billiard hall is just a few steps away from their desks.

Qualities of an Ideal Workplace

Aside from regular workplace risk assessment activities, an ideal workplace must be built by the effort of both the employers and employees, armed by the supervisors and department heads. Continue to read and learn what you must expect from your ideal workplace.

  • Clear mission and vision

It’s critical to consider your vision and record it. Recognise what your organization stands for, where you need to take it, and why you are doing your work on a daily basis. Your main goal should serve as your compass. In the event that you are accomplishing something that does not convey it, try not to do it.

Maintaining a culture which provides safety and protection to workers must also be one of the missions of your company. Conducting a workplace hazard assessment or a drug and alcohol testing must be part of the annual activities of the company to maintain the integrity of its brand. For more information about workers’ health assessment and risk reduction, visit Resile.

  • Transparent communication

Second thing is that your company must provide opportunities for transparent communication between the management and the employees. An ideal workplace provides both encouraging and constructive feedback, as well as hear the side of the employees regarding the challenges and areas of improvement. Click here Resile

  • Opportunities for growth and development

Productivity is part of any industry because it’s part of human growth. People, especially those working in a competitive environment, are motivated to grow and be challenged. An ideal company provide training and promotion opportunities to its workers.

  • Competitive salaries, benefits, and promotions

Salaries, bonuses, and promotions are the primary motivators of almost all employees. If you are looking for your ideal company, you are expecting of these factors. According to one of the biggest job recruiting sites, Glassdoor, employees with no time for families because of spending too much time in the workplace get negative reactions. It’s a domino effect, people work more than what is required to get extras. A good employer considers giving extras aside from the basic pay.

  • Mobile usage and flexible schedules

There are some companies that don’t require full-time presence inside the office. If that is the case, a flexible schedule must be given to employees. Also, more and more companies are allowing employees to check their mobile phones for important messages or calls during a specified time to ensure that they can be updated in case an emergency happens.

  • Workplace safety and security

Safety and health are important aspects of every organisation. A good company must always ensure that employees’ well-being is a priority. Drug and alcohol testing must be done to ensure that everyone inside the workplace is safe from heinous crimes precedent to drug or alcohol addiction. Also, if your company is a construction business, noise and dust monitoring must be done accordingly to ensure that all health hazards are kept at bay.



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