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ADA Compliance
The Gateway Accessibility Initiative
At Gateway, we're committed to helping customers find the technology that best suits their needs. That's why we make sure our products and services are accessible to people with disabilities.

The Gateway Accessibility Initiative combines the knowledge and skills of our product teams, engineers and Web designers with industry consultants and real-life experts - our team of representatives from the disability community. We also rely on the personal experiences of our own employees who use assistive devices to access technology.

Partners in Progress
When Gateway began our evaluation of more than 40 assistive technology devices on our award-winning systems, we established the Access Advisory Council. Our 25 disabled volunteer members, recruited through assisted living facilities in Southern California, helped test our products for compatibility and functionality. The council continues to collaborate with Gateway as our products and policies evolve.

The Guiding Principles of Our Initiative Include:
" Educating our compliance team about challenges people with disabilities face
   in today's electronic world
" Rigorous evaluation of access product functionality
" Performance review of operating systems, hardware and assistive devices
" Usability testing by people with vision, hearing and mobility disabilities
" Inclusion of alternate text headers for Web images
" Modified tables, column text and enhanced tabbing for Web content
" Reduction in redundant links and navigation

Section 508
Gateway's Federal government customers can be assured that our products are certified compliant with recent amendments to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Signed into law in 1998, these amendments require information technology procured by the government be accessible to people with disabilities.

Gateway's compliance testing was a collaborative effort - developed, conducted and evaluated with guidance from ADAExperts Inc., an independent consulting firm specializing in accessibility issues.

For a complete list of product accessibility features, click here.

For a complete list of assistive devices evaluated with Gateway systems by people with disabilities, click here.

For copies of Gateway's compliance testing documents, contact a Gateway Government Sales representative at 800-216-2940.

For information on TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) Sales and Service, click here.

Our National Initiative
Gateway actively participates in government-sponsored initiatives on accessibility, and we serve on national committees that recognize the importance of developing accessibility strategies in partnership with the disability community.
Send Your Feedback

Our accessibility effort is just beginning. Tell us how we can build a program to meet the needs of the disabled community. We welcome your comments and suggestions at

Accessible Web Site

"I am proud of our efforts to develop an accessible Web site. The result is a design that looks great and is easy for anyone to use."

Reginald George - Gateway Technical Support Specialist
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