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Enhance Your Office Productivity
Businesses large and small have relied on Gateway to provide cutting-edge learning products to increase their companies productivity. Gateway offers a variety of learning products including Office Productivity with MS Office and Corel® Office to Business Managers with topics to assist today's managers to become more effective.

Online Learning Subscription
Learn anytime, anywhere with a subscription to You'll get a year's access to courses specially designed to meet your needs and interests.

Office Productivity Online Learning Subscription 4

Learn Microsoft® Office, WordPerfect and other programs that let you create professional proposals, presentations and business plans; use spreadsheets to analyze and track budgets; develop and maintain databases business plans; and manage e-mail and contact lists.

Price: $99 3 per user per year

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Legal Productivity Online Learning Library 4

Includes lessons on word processing, database and contact management, desktop publishing and finance using software from leading vendors, such as Microsoft® and Corel®..

Price: $99 3 per user per year

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Educator Productivity Online Learning Subscription 4

This powerful package includes classes in Microsoft® Word, Excel, Outlook® , FrontPage® and Access. Learn the fundamentals of digital photography and music - even how to create your own Web site. Includes an opportunity to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs)¹ through instructor-led online courses via a virtual campus.

Price: $99 3 per user per year

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Business Productivity and Desktop Publishing Online Learning Subscription 4

Learn the most popular business applications, plus Quickbooks® desktop publishing, graphics, Web design and e-commerce. Package includes the entire Office Productivity Learning Library (above), as well as lessons on QuarkXPress, Macromedia® Director, Flash and Dreamweaver, Adobe® PageMaker® and PhotoShop® .

Price: $199 3 per user per year

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CD-ROM Learning Libraries
Gateway's Learning Libraries are complete sets of multimedia CDs that teach through easy, step by step tutorials. Just load these discs into your PC and you're ready to go.

Gateway Learning Library - Microsoft® Works Suite 2002 4

A comprehensive mix of application training and business skills, including:

Microsoft® Windows 98 User Fundamentals
Microsoft® Windows 98 Advanced User
Microsoft® Windows XP Fundamentals
Microsoft® Windows XP Professional User Fundamentals
Microsoft® Windows XP Professional Advanced User
Windows Me: Introduction
Internet Explorer 6 and Outlook® Express
Word 2002: Creating and Editing Documents
Word 2002: Working with Advanced Formatting
Works 6: Creating Documents and Spreadsheets
Works 6: Working with Spreadsheets and Databases
Picture IT!: Exploring Digital Photography
Streets and Trips 2002
Encarta® Encyclopedia 2002
Money Standard 2002: Managing Your Finances

Price: $99 3

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Microsoft® Office® 2000 or XP Small Business Edition CD Learning Library 4

Boost your bottom line by mastering:

Boost Your Productivity by Mastering:
  " Word - create professional proposals & business plans
  " Excel - use spreadsheets for tracking, budgets & sales revenue
  " Publisher - turn your marketing ideas into great print publications and Web sites
  " Outlook® - manage e-mail & contacts
  " Quicken® 2000 and 2001 - manage finances (Available only in 2000 edition)

Price: $99 3

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Microsoft® Office® 2000 or XP Professional Edition CD Learning Library 4

The library includes most courses in the Small Business package (above) plus Microsoft Access and PowerPoint.

Boost your productivity by mastering Word, Excel, Publisher, Outlook®, Plus:
  " Access - organize customer database
  " PowerPoint - develop professional presentations
  " Quicken® 2000 and 2001 - manage finances (Available only in 2000 edition)

Price: $99 3

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Instructor-Led Classes
Gateway offers practical, performance-oriented classes in many of our stores for business, corporate, government and educational groups. Courses include classroom time, a study guide and a follow-up refresher class - all for only $149³. To register, call 1-888-852-4821, or come into your local Gateway store.

Full-Day Productivity Courses 4

" Excel 2002 Fundamentals
" PowerPoint 2002 Fundamentals
" Word 2002 Fundamentals

Additional full-day dedicated classroom courses include:2
  " Office XP New Features
  " Operating Systems
     - Windows® XP Professional
     - Windows® 2000
     - Windows® 98
  " Word Processing, Spreadsheets
     - Word 2002 Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced
     - Excel 2000 Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced
     - Project Management, Project 2000 Level 1 and Level 2
  " Presentations
     - PowerPoint 2002, Fundamentals and Advanced
  " Finance
     - QuickBooks® 2001, Fundamentals and Advanced
  " Personal Information Management
     - Outlook® 2002, Fundamentals and Advanced
     - Outlook® 2000, Level 1 and Level 2
  " Database
     - Access 2002 Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced
  " Desktop/Web Publishing
     - Publisher 2002
     - FrontPage 2002, Fundamentals and Advanced
     - HTML Fundamentals

Price: $149 3 per course

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1 - Additional cost: $15 for transcript to reflect CEUs

2 - There must be a minimum of five students in a dedicated course for the course to meet. If the course does not meet the minimum requirement of five students the course will be re-scheduled to meet the minimum number of student's threshold.

3 - Prices and configurations subject to change without notice or obligation. Prices exclude shipping and handling and taxes.

4 - Online training: Instructor-led courses subject to availability. Course material purchase and Internet access required. Not offered as vocational or job training. In-store training: Courses subject to change, may vary by location and are not offered as vocational or job training. Club memberships non-transferable. Refunds not allowed for upgrades. All training: Gateway training is not offered as vocational or job training.

Gateway® PCs use genuine Microsoft® Windows® Operating Systems

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