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Driver Help

If you are having difficulty in downloading drivers, installing drivers, or figuring out which drivers you need for your computer, we can help. In addition to the information provided below, we can help you identify the components in your computer using the System Reference Tool or Your System Information on the front pages of the business and home support sites, respectively.

What is a driver? - A good place to start for folks new to computers. This explains what a driver is in plain English.

Why Download a New Driver? - An explanation of why you might want to update the drivers in your computer.

Finding the Right Driver - Assistance in using the Download Center to find the drivers you need.

Identifying Desktop Components - More detailed explanation of how to identify which specific components you have in your computer.

Which BIOS do I have? - An explanation of how to find which BIOS upgrade you may need for your computer.

Downloading Drivers - Once you know which driver you need, here's a little help in downloading it from our Web site.

Installing Drivers - And finally, once you have the driver downloaded and saved on you computer, here's some information to help you install that driver.

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