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The Alpha Classroom" Vision

The Alpha Classroom where thought & leadership integrates Access, Analysis and Application into Education.

Welcome to the new classroom. This is where education meets technology, where teaching and learning are fully integrated with high-tech educational tools to create a dynamic, powerful learning environment. In this age of information and knowledge-as-product, the "three R's" are more important today than ever. Tomorrow's leaders must be able to read, write and think conceptually. Additionally, within the new Alpha Classroom vision, learning also focuses on three A's: Access - Analysis - Application

At each stage - from finding information to understanding and evaluating it to putting it to use - technology is key. Gateway is at the forefront of that technology, with educational solutions designed to enhance learning every step of the way. Wireless computer labs. Handheld technologies. Networked mobile systems that go from school to home to community. Advanced teaching tools for every level.

The Three A's

Access - The Internet is the most expansive library ever known. Learning begins with information. Information is the raw goods. Internet-ready Handhelds and wireless portables fit well.

Analyze - Processing the information is the work of this new age. Multi-media workstations utilizing processing horsepower are the tool.

Apply - Presenting is the product. Those that can effectively communicate the results of their analysis and process will be successful. Destination Presentation systems, mimio digitizers and LCD projectors assist students with communication.

The Alpha Classroom vision is three things

" It is the Gateway statement to the education marketplace that we are the thought leaders
  in education!

" It is a visionary approach to schools through a learning model! This model promotes
  project-based learning using technology as the core.

" It is expanding on the 3Rs in the Information Age:
  - The New product is Knowledge
  - Work is Learning and Thinking
  - The 3As: Access, Analyze, Apply are the expansion

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