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Gateway is your one-stop source for a wide range of custom-built, factory-configured computing solutions delivered directly to your site. Our Custom Integrated Solutions (CIS) department is just one way we can meet your technology needs for qualifying purchases, whether it's a simple software install or complex integration of customized hardware and software.
How It Works
Our CIS team is like a specialized value-added reseller (VAR) that works inside Gateway factories, customizing our products to fit your needs.

For qualifying orders, CIS can install:
" Client-supplied images. You create the basic disk image and we can pre-install it on any Gateway® computer.
  Or, CIS software engineers can build a custom image to your specifications.
" Non-standard components. Need special software and/or hardware installed? CIS can
  make sure your systems arrive with these features pre-installed and ready to run.
" Asset tags. Many organizations now use asset tracking to keep tabs on expensive equipment. With CIS, your
  order can arrive with custom tags already affixed.
" Network configurations. One of the most tedious parts of setup is network configuration. CIS can install
  customized network settings so that systems arrive ready to boot up on your network -- right out of the box.

Save time and money
Compared with traditional two-step distribution methods, CIS improves product reliability, shortens the total delivery cycle, and boosts productivity by freeing your technical resources.

All components and software images are installed and tested at our ISO-certified factories. This ensures uniformity, the key to reducing future support costs.

Qualifying orders include any volume of our servers, or any order of 20 similarly configured E-Series, GP desktops or notebooks delivered during a 90-day period. (All customer-specified components must meet applicable FCC and UL approvals.)

Contact Us
For more information, contact your local Gateway sales representative, who can ask the right questions and get the right answers for you. If you'd like to ask CIS a question, send an e-mail to .
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