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As part of its commitment to superior customer service, Gateway created eSource -- a full-featured, fully customizable extranet site for regular customers who want better control of their technology purchases. With eSource you can fine-tune your purchasing options to more closely match your organization's needs. Your customized site automatically reflects special discounts, product configurations and shipping instructions.
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For more details on eSource, contact your local sales representative. Or to apply online, click on the links below to get started.
eSource Online demo
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The following summary will give you a quick look at all the benefits eSource has to offer. If you prefer, you can also take the eSource demonstration tour.

Customized Catalog
eSource gives you a home page that we create especially for your company, plus the ability to customize the product catalog.

  " Specific Product Range Employees who log in on your account will see only the products selected as
    available for purchase, with prices that reflect any special discounts negotiated on your behalf.

  " Employee Purchase Program eSource catalog customization also can let your employees
    buy Gateway® products at special prices. Contact Gateway to see if your company qualifies for a special
    Employee Purchase Program.

  " Affiliate Network Programs eSource catalog customization supports programs that allow your affiliates or
    partners to benefit from the buying power of your network. Contact Gateway to see if your company qualifies for
    a special Affiliate program.
Full-Featured Shopping Cart
The shopping cart shows all the items selected for purchase and lets you easily change your order by changing quantities or removing items altogether. Instead of actually buying items, you can save the shopping cart contents as a quote for later reference.
User/Account Management
Each eSource account comes with complete customization features, which let you set up employee ID/passwords, multiple billing/shipping locations and manage multiple accounts.
Quote Retrieval
A special quote feature gives you fast access to pricing information. Each quote remains in the system for up to 45 days. Special messages on the home page alert you before a quote expires.
Quick Order Status
A special Order Status page details your current open orders and provides access to other information, such as the approval process and order history.
Order Review and Approval
eSource also allows employees to browse the catalog and select products for ordering. Each order is then reviewed by authorized administrators who can approve or reject them.
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